New Toon Blast Cheats that work perfectly

Toon Blast has been a really popular game in the last few months and the demand for cheats is rising so we made some new Toon Blast Cheats that we think that you will absolutely love! Keep reading below to learn more or if you want to get started, click the button below and start using them right away!

Toon Blast Coins

More about Toon Blast Cheats

Toon Blast is really popular, the same situation when Candy Crush first arrived at the stores. Everyone was playing that and now everyone is playing this. The difference between the two games is that here you need to tap to destroy blocks of the same color, you don’t need to match them and honestly, I think this is more fun. And we all know when it comes to games, many people would like to cheat and enjoy their game even more and that is what we did.

Toon Blast is a fun game, but it’s limited to 5 lives per session and you need to wait to refill those lives or you can get them if you are in a club. But waiting for lives to fill up is boring and we have a good way of getting the life and the coins that you need in order to have what you want. With coins, you can purchase extra moves at the end of the level and we’ve all been there. Just a few more moves in order to complete the level, but you just don’t have enough and you don’t have enough coins to buy those 5 extra moves. Well, don’t worry about that anymore, with our Toon Blast Cheats coin generator you will be able to get as many coins as you wish.

The look of the new Toon Blast Generator

If you want to use these cheats, you don’t need anything special. Follow our instructions and you will get the coins in no time.


There is nothing special about these cheats that you will need to own or have some technical knowledge. Here are all the steps:

  1. when you see the generator website, enter your username (you can find it in the Club option in Toon Blast)
  2. enter how many coins do you wish to receive
  3. press Generate and that is it

And yes, you read that right, it’s only 3 simple steps that you will need to do in order to get the coins you want with our new and improved Toon Blast Cheats. That is all you will need in order to get your coins and you will have so much more fun. You will be able to progress faster and unlock more chest which will allow you to get more boosts and other cool rewards. Enjoy!

Toon Blast Coins